Lab Reports

RAD Extracts CBD products were founded on the core mission of bringing the best quality CBD products direct to the consumer at affordable prices. We get all products 3rd party tested to ensure potency and quality. At Rad Extracts we believe transparency is paramount in this industry. We want our customers to know exactly what they are getting when they purchase from us. Find the 3rd Party Lab Testing here!

3rd Party Lab Results

THC Hemp Compliant Gummies-5mg THC :5mg CBD

Organic Full Spectrum 20mg Gummies (30ct, 600mg/unit)

Organic Full Spectrum CBD Drops-1oz 500mg Natural

Organic Full Spectrum CBD Drops-1oz 1,000mg Natural

Organic Full Spectrum CBD Drops-1oz 1,500mg Natural

Full Spectrum CBDa/CBD/CBGa/CBG Drops 1oz-2000mg Blueberry

Trifecta-Full Spectrum 2000mg CBD/CBG/CBDV Tincture 1oz-2000mg Lemon

Full Spectrum Honey Sticks-10ct 150mg


Full Spectrum CBD Vegan Softgels-30ct 900mg

Full Spectrum CBD Body & Muscle Cream-2oz 600mg

Full Spectrum CBDa/CBD Body & Muscle Cream-2oz 3000mg

Full Spectrum CBD/CBDa Cooling Gel-2oz 3000mg

Full Spetrum CBD Healthy Skin Balm-1oz 300mg

Full Spectrum Massage Oil-2oz 600mg

Full Spectrum CBD/CBDa Massage Oil-2oz 1000mg

Organic Full Spectrum CBD Drops for Pets-1oz 500mg

Full Spectrum CBD Face Oil-1oz 300mg