CBD Products for White-Label Orders

Our premium white-label products come in high-quality glass bottles with dropper caps. Choose between 500 mg organic-certified, full-spectrum CBD tincture (suitable for pets and people) and 1,000 mg organic-certified, full-spectrum CBD tincture.

At RAD Extracts, you can fill your order with the number of bottles that best suit your needs. Select between 50, 100, or 200 single-dose bottles. You can also request a sample bottle.

Why More Wholesalers Choose RAD Extracts

When it comes to premium CBD products for white-label resale, we proudly offer you the same safe and top-tier CBD oil we use in our products. Customers favor RAD Extracts because of our flexible approach to getting your perfect blend in front of your customers. Should you prefer a custom blend, our team will work with you to create your dream product.


Wholesale Prices Direct to Consumer

We have been extracting and manufacturing the highest quality full spectrum CBD products for the last 7 years and wanted to bring a product direct to the consumer. Our goal is to make hight quality CBD affordable for everyone. Take advantage of buying directly from the source!

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Hemp Products Should Taste Like Hemp

We believe strongly in the entourage effect - the concept that full spectrum hemp extracts are the most beneficial extract because they are the least refined and contain all of the natural components that are naturally present in the hemp plant. Our full spectrum extracts embody the plants’ naturally occurring properties to optimize benefits in our bodies. The more you can taste the hemp, the more assured you can be that the product you are taking retains all the natural benefits

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